Three people in a warehouse move in a relaxed atmosphere while wearing the Paexo exoskeleton from Ottobock.

Exoskeletons — work healthier and more productively

Fewer births, aging popu­la­ti­ons: the chan­ge in demo­gra­phics is lea­ding to lon­ger working lives and incre­a­sing a shor­ta­ge of skil­led labor. Paexo, the exo­ske­le­ton edi­ti­on from Otto­bock, is the tech­ni­cal ans­wer for con­sist­ent­ly healt­hy work. 

Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders

Dai­ly back pain is nor­mal for every tenth per­son in Ger­ma­ny. Employees in the logistics indus­try, fit­ters in con­struc­tion or auto­mo­bi­le pro­duc­tion are examp­les of peop­le who­se mus­cles and ske­le­tons are par­ti­cu­lar­ly stres­sed by loading and unloading or working overhead.

Paexo Thumb

The Paexo Thump exo­ske­le­ton dis­tri­bu­tes for­ces acting on the thumb over the ent­i­re hand

Paexo Wrist

Pro­tect your wrist from hea­vy loads with the exo­ske­le­ton Peaxo Wrist.

Paexo Neck

Pro­tect your cer­vi­cal spi­ne when working abo­ve your head with the new Paexo Neck

Paexo Shoulder

Effec­ti­ve stress reduc­tion when working over­head with the Paexo Shoul­der exoskeleton

Paexo Back

Tar­ge­ted reli­ef of the lower back mus­cles, espe­cial­ly for logisticians.

Paexo Soft Back

Use the Paexo Soft Back exo­ske­le­ton to pro­tect the mus­cles of the lower spi­ne while stan­ding and carrying.

Many industries — versatile application

Dis­co­ver the wide ran­ge of pos­si­ble uses for exo­ske­le­tons from the long-estab­lis­hed Otto­bock com­pa­ny. More than 100 years of exper­ti­se in inno­va­ti­on and pro­duc­tion of bio­me­cha­ni­cal and ortho­pe­dic goods. Sin­ce 2012 invol­ved in the deve­lo­p­ment of ergo­no­mic app­li­ca­ti­ons for incre­a­sed occup­a­tio­nal safe­ty and health in logistics, indus­try and tra­de. Let yourself be inspi­red by selec­ted use cases from over 1,000 suc­cess­ful projects:

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